What is the name of the cake shop taboo

we can according to the relevant methods, in line with certain requirements, on the basis of the principle of satisfaction, to store a good name. However, a careless, it is possible to make the name of the shop taboo, so that the late development of the store affected. Therefore, as the operator, the name of the shop is naturally very familiar with the taboo. So, cake shop name taboo what?

1, unlucky word without

What are the names of the

cake shops? Unlucky words are not only taboo business name, customers see is shunned, something good I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers. So we must pay more attention in the name of the time, attention is not just using words and read, homophonic, or anti read can let a person feel unlucky, which requires entrepreneurs to read several times as well.

2, the word

without loopholes

What are the names of the

cake shops? The name is used for consumers to call this, we need to consider the issue of popularization of words, but it is a pity that many brands often use some obscure words to name, do not know is not want to look out of the ordinary, but those strange words don’t say that the general public does not know, I am afraid that many university professors don’t that understanding, let alone consumers remember and spread. We look at the famous brand name, which is not simple and clear? So do not play too many tricks, honest and practical words we all know it.

3, no readable word without

What are the names of the

cake shops? A good shop name, not only good to remember easy to read, but also have a certain meaning, at least to their products or corporate culture linked, let people know what the brand is doing. Or remember the name, but you do not know why, it is not easy.

a lot of people in the shop to name just to take into account the attraction, while ignoring the relevant legal provisions of the name for itself, to take a different code name, not only easy to arouse public resentment, but also by the relevant departments of the investigation. So, if you want to open a business cake shop in the name of the shop, the relevant taboos also need a lot of attention.

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