Reduce personal tax burden Jiangsu 2016 tax relief 374 billion 100 million

to be a legitimate taxpayer is the duty of every citizen, but in life if the tax is too high, for our personal influence is still great. Provincial tax work conference held yesterday. Reporters learned that last year, the national tax system for the province’s taxpayers tax relief 374 billion 140 million yuan, an increase of 15.5%, accounting for the same period tax revenue of 52.6%. Meanwhile, the implementation of the State Council to promote the deployment of tax reform, camp changed to increase the overall tax reduction of 46 billion 975 million yuan.

Hu Daoxin, director of the IRS, said

tax reform and tax cuts is to promote the economy to maintain rapid growth, an important aspect of the high-end level. Last year, our province has 4 times the expansion of small-scale enterprises in the corporate income tax policy scope, from annual taxable income of 30 thousand yuan gradually increased to 300 thousand yuan; two times to relax Small and micro businesses are exempt from value-added tax and business tax conditions.

from the monthly sales of 5000 yuan to 30 thousand yuan; two times to expand the scope of research and development expenses deduction policy, promotion of preferential tax policies in Zhongguancun in the country; on the 6 key support industry to implement a policy of accelerated depreciation of fixed assets is more favorable, and then expanded to 10 industries; in order to expand the scope of high-tech enterprises, simplified identification procedures.

tax incentives for the province’s total revenue over the same period last year accounted for 52.6%. Especially in promoting the development of small and micro enterprises, high-tech enterprises, the implementation of high-tech enterprises, the transfer of technical achievements and other preferential policies 37 billion 980 million yuan. The implementation of the high value-added tax threshold, the tax levied on corporate income tax and other preferential policies, covering all small and micro enterprises, cash discount 7 billion 890 million yuan.

in May 1st last year, the full implementation of our province replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT), construction industry, real estate, finance, life service industry four industry 754 thousand and 700 taxpayers tax system to realize the smooth conversion, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) to achieve full coverage by the end of December, the province’s overall implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) tax 46 billion 975 million yuan, four pilot industry 5-11 month 10 billion 101 million yuan tax cuts, tax cuts down 16.12%, increased from 99.18% to 99.28%, to achieve the "all industry tax burden is not only reduced growth target.

is the largest construction company in Jiangsu. In May last year, the company became the camp changed to increase the taxpayer, because the purchase of machinery and equipment can be deducted, the company increased the intensity of technological transformation. At present, has been the acquisition of tower crane, double cage elevator and other construction equipment purchase, car and other fixed facilities, a total of 4 million 250 thousand yuan deductible input tax. 5 to December, the average tax burden of the company was 2.2%, down from the original business tax burden of $3% by 0.8%.

in order to further improve the people’s living standards, vigorously reduce people’s life burden, Jiangsu recommended

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