Talk about the business sentiment first Lei want to look after

entrepreneurial wealth is the dream of many people, but also to entrepreneurial success today Xiaobian network It differs from man to man., to talk about Lei business sentiment to investors, more guidance in the process of entrepreneurship.

in e-commerce companies generally suffered winter conditions, but do have a sell mobile phone business to be in full swing, not only to buy his mobile phone up with, and have, do not know what time can get the goods. It is not iPhone, it is led by Lei Jun millet technology, set up less than a year, it hit the open day selling 100 thousand sets of millet mobile phone sales business miracle. Users are interested in is called "sell rice" Lei Wu visited his alma mater, recruiting. The forum, students on the website, make a pot of Wuhan University students. The evening of nearly 500 people into the employment service center of Wuhan university student hall, take student resume to participate in on-site examination, but more people, is to see the legendary alumni lei.

alumni complex

– start-up years

to 5 years, 3 years, conscientiously do a good job one or two years

"in the industry, I have seen many pigs, I think, why don’t I do a pig?" Lei Jun said, "to find the most likely typhoon, a head will be leveraging the pig."

"to 5 years, 3 years, conscientiously do a good job in one or two years". His own experiences, just entering college >

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