The nipple wound is the cause of mastitis _39 _ women’s health network

pregnancy to continue to breast health. Postpartum especially lactation of the nipple and areola clean without many words, whole breast cleaning is also important. Clean with a hot towel.

nipple with a wound, coated with Boric Acid Ointment protection. Chapped deep pain, or has not improved, cessation of lactation, breast pump suction milk to feed a baby. During this period of time to cure. When symptoms are mild, it is best to wear nipple cap feeding, breast-feeding at the end of the nipple with boric acid cotton disinfection, and then covered with sterile gauze.

sometimes because the baby sucking force is very strong, causing skin damage, nipple off, and even bleeding. In particular, do not get used to breast-feeding, milk and bad primipara, more likely to cause wounds.

suck for a long time, the skin often chapped nipple injury, opening, and even the nipple longitudinal laceration, hemorrhage. When this happens, the pain cannot feed, and easy for bacteria from the wound invasion, which is caused by mastitis causes.

is not used when the baby milk, and breastfeeding skills are not clever, will extend each feeding time.

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