A supporting project Huangshui Beigan Nanmenxia four branch official water engineering

May 3rd, a period of Huangshui Beigan project — Nanmenxia four branch official water engineering. Huzhu Tu Autonomous County in the town of the people of the Fort Fort in the pumping station, before the Red Gate, blasting, the highest etiquette to meet the farmers happy water coming.

it is understood that the Nanmenxia four branch is an important sector of Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation project, the project started construction in May 2006, starting in Huzhu County Xishan Xiang Zhang Jia Gou Cun, from Nanmenxia reservoir water diversion, to Bao Xiang Cai Jia hang Ling Wan Cun, branch length of 23.52 kilometers, and consists of 3 a male branch canal 17.66 kilometers. There are 8 tunnels in the project area, 10 inverted siphon and the 8 crossing.

according to the provincial water resources department responsible person, four branch project involving a total of Xishan Huzhu County, caijiabu two Township, 14 villages, more than 30 thousand population. The implementation of water will solve the drinking water problems of 60 thousand acres along the shallow dry land irrigation and more than 60 thousand livestock, will completely change the Xishan, caijiabu two rural farmers rely on the plight of the future development of facilities in the area of agriculture, increase farmers’ incomes and create the conditions. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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