Analysis and Discussion on the integration of Xining City

production city integration refers to the integration of industrial development and urban development, referring to the industry is the second industry and the third industry. Compared to the first industry, the second industry is the cornerstone of urban development, and the third industry is the foundation of urban prosperity, therefore, the effect of the integration of the city is obvious. So, how to find a way of industrial parks and urban integration development and mutual promotion of the "two areas with the construction of the road, realize the organic integration of industrial parks and regional economy, industrialization to promote urbanization, has become an important topic in industrial development and city development.

Xining city to the East, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone; South to Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone; the west, as the lake district; the north, for the biotechnology industry in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in 2010, the park has been upgraded to the Qinghai high tech Industrial Development zone. In the four areas of the park, the overall industrial base, economic strength and location advantages, such as consideration, the Biological Park (High-tech Zone) ranked in the center of the three. Therefore, this paper takes the park as an example to analyze and discuss.

at present, planning and management of high tech Zone area of 4.03 square kilometers, the high-tech industry focus on the development of biological technology, medicine, food processing and other green plateau, has formed a functional block Biotechnology Industrial Park, equipment manufacturing park, University Science and Technology Park, agricultural science and Technology Park "one zone, a multi domain". The region has achieved the seven level, financial, medical, commercial, tourism and other service industry matures, city management, green square, set perfect; Park 2012 yuan output value of 0.018 tons of standard coal consumption (2011 national yuan output value of energy consumption of 0.793 tons of standard coal), truly realize the goal ecological park green development, cycle development.

high tech Zone (Park) in the course of many years of development, regional development and construction of the Shenzhen impression, Xinle Garden residential and business unit within the family area, residents from the initial 3 thousand to 10 thousand people. According to the actual development of the park and development planning, is expected to 2015, the number of industrial workers in the park will be increased from 13 thousand in 2012 to 40 thousand people. With the completion of the park Qinghai declaration and the Museum of Tibetan Culture Museum, natural history museum, Qinghai Tibet Plateau of Kunlun jade Museum features three Museum group 5A scenic park, will further enhance the popularity. Compared with the growth rate and growth rate of industrial workers, the gap between residents and industrial workers is quite large. The working hours of the park into a thriving, non working hours, they deserted, become empty".

in the next few years, high-tech zones will continue to maintain a rapid pace of development, whether it is the total amount of industrial or industrial workers, will be doubled. However, no industry support in the city, the result is "empty"; similarly, manufacturing support no City Industrial Park, still can not get rid of the shadow of the "city". The most direct and most effective way to change this situation is to make the park industrial workers become Park residents. Cheng Rong rong;

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