Love to send test care future

– in the wave of creating a civilized city, sow the seeds of love and civilization


annual college entrance examination, affects the hearts of the candidates and parents, but also affects the heart of every traffic. The majority of candidates in order to create a warm and smooth entrance of travel environment, keep them safe, convenient, arrived at the examination room on time, city traffic bureau and the Municipal Bureau of SMG jointly organized the "loving care of future, free shuttle candidates" activities, Xining city taxi operators 200 volunteered to participate in the event, then 3000 candidates for free a total of more than six consecutive years, the love to send test activities for drivers, goodness and love as the torch of continuity, inheritance, in the process to send test there have been many touching stories, demonstrating its far-reaching influence and public interests, the activities have been widely praised in the society, a symbol of in the further development of city civilization.

6 7 day 11:30, end of the examination, candidates out of the examination room after another. Welcome to take the college entrance examination love car, free shuttle college entrance examination students!" Love team drivers umbrella, braved the downpour stand beside the car to greet the examinee.

taxi driver Yan Liping, the day before and the one who lives in the south of the pro pull candidates for the "one to one" booking shuttle, if 6 students began to delay the morning, driving her car on the way to pick candidates.

7 13:50 pm on the green AT3955 taxi driver Liu master test on shuttle candidates on the way, at noon due to heavy rain, causing the car in the Xinhua Lane sections of water suddenly turn off, the driver immediately report to manager, less than 5 minutes, there are 3 taxi cars rushed to the scene of the accident, at 14:10 the candidates admitted to the examination of the tiger taiwan. The parents of the children’s eyes pulled the hands of the teacher constantly said: Thank you! Thanks!" There are still a number of candidates to send the exam parents accompany their children to sit on the love car, they are not for the driver’s love to send the test is very grateful. Candidates parents have called on the love to send test activities expressed high praise. One parent said: "I really want to thank them for their help, if he did not send us home at noon today, I and the children could not go home, even back home who must get wet, may affect the child to play the afternoon."

AT1303, AT3891 Green Green Week Master Master Li already continuously participated in 5, 6, and to enroll in this year, they say is to do by myself, for the candidates to cheer, offer a love of Xining of the lessor. Taxi driver Zhang said: as a volunteer, we feel proud and proud, as the people of Xining, I have done everything possible to create a civilized city of a force, with love for the college entrance examination candidates!"


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