Provincial prosecutors to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party

June 17th, organized by the provincial people’s Procuratorate, the Provincial Association of prosecutors, the provincial prosecutors to celebrate the founding of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the people’s Procuratorate and the anniversary of the founding of the art show held in Xining. Guo Ruzhuo, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman of the province, the provincial people’s Procuratorate chief inspector Wang Xiao to watch the show on behalf of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, China’s.
with exciting endeavour red song chorus, performing song "Prelude: sing folk songs to the party", "all the songs to the party", "today is your birthday", "because of you", "the prosecutor to recite the poem song" dance, "my motherland" forever, "Carol" and other exciting programs staged, the audience burst into warm applause lasting. The performance of the province’s procuratorial officers love and loyalty to the party’s expression through song, dance, poetry and other forms of performance, art shows the province’s procuratorial organs unity and enterprising, enthusiastic spirit, to the party, love of the motherland, the pursuit of communism, into song and dance, in order to further excited all the prosecutors and police officers to love the party, love the motherland and procuratorial work enthusiasm, always with firm determination and confidence of the party to go. Performance in the dance, "the motherland will not forget," the successful conclusion.


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