Xining Chengbei six professional market for the development of vitality

Distribution center, agricultural and sideline products in Beichuan River Basin by the North District of Xining city

(core area) facilities construction of modern logistics park and the University City Science and technology development service base of comprehensive development, and vigorously develop the production market, building materials market, pharmaceutical market, large wholesale market for agricultural products, industrial products market and tourism product market, injection energy for economic development in the region.

to build a high-tech industrial zone, modern agricultural demonstration zone and landscape ecological livable District, North District of Xining City, and actively guide the Chaoyang Road metal materials, electrical and mechanical hardware, chemical products and other production materials circulation enterprises in Chaoyang logistics park, built in Xining city production materials market of "flagship"; the logistics center, guidance and support Chaoyang International Building Materials mall, Camry furniture building materials logistics city professional market standardization, scale development, and strive to build Xining City professional building materials wholesale, retail trading center; actively revitalize Chaoyang East Lu Qing hundred pharmaceutical warehouse, warehouse stock assets, the construction of a number of pharmaceutical logistics warehouse, warehouse logistics area grow industry groups around the enterprise scale, industrial park raw materials supply and demand, vigorously develop the processing industry of Tibetan medicine in primary distribution, To build up the distribution center of Tibetan medicine, which is the raw material supply, product packaging and sales.

not only that, vigorously develop the agricultural products wholesale market in north area, ensuring the supply of agricultural and sideline products, effective regulation of the price of agricultural and sideline products; around the smelting, machinery manufacturing, new building materials industry terminal products, the positive development of a number of engineering machinery, automobile, machinery and other industrial products market in Baoziwan town area, promote the production and marketing of industrial products in the integration process; Tourism Business District Chaoyang Beishan Village building covers an area of 41 thousand square meters, construction area of 34 thousand square meters, to speed up the development of tourism resources, such as the North Temple Ruins of Shen Na, led a group of Tibetan carpets, Tibetan medicine, dairy products, health food (Medicine), the development of local tourism products. (author: Wang Yang yuan Yuhong)

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