Province leveraging 178 billion 200 million private capital to help the economy

in recent years, the province actively innovation of financial investment, improving the fiscal policy measures to support private investment, play a guiding role in leveraging financial capital, and promote the healthy development of private investment, as of now, leveraging private investment 178 billion 200 million yuan, effectively cultivate and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of pillar industry.

in recent years, since the province continue to increase support for small and micro enterprises, in 2011, a total investment of 5 billion 500 million yuan to support small and micro enterprise construction and business park, incubators, new products, new technology research and development and technological achievements, deep processing of agricultural and livestock products, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan carpets and national products processing, new energy, new materials and other projects of strategic emerging industries, and guide private investment 178 billion 200 million yuan prize, effectively cultivate and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of pillar industry.

to promote public employment, the provincial finance to leverage, financial discount since 2011, the province invested a total discount of 3 billion 510 million yuan of funds, leveraging the bank loan 54 billion 210 million yuan, to support public welfare infrastructure projects, new energy and new material industry development, and the cultivation of farmers’ cooperatives and other leading enterprises to accelerate the development of. Since 2009, the cumulative investment discount 310 million yuan of funds to support urban unemployment, employment difficulties, demobilized veterans, college graduates and have the ability to operate the migrant entrepreneurship, promote public entrepreneurship employment.

not only that, but also vigorously promote the province’s government procurement and PPP model. Since 2014, total issued capital of 400 million yuan, to carry out the government to buy the social forces pension services, disability services, urban and rural labor skill training, preschool education and pastoral areas of satellite receiving equipment maintenance project, effectively stimulate private capital to participate in social public service management. Vigorously promote the use of PPP model, the establishment of the PPP project library, screening out 87 projects to be implemented in accordance with the PPP model, with a total investment of 137 billion 200 million yuan. At present, Ledu City, East District sewage treatment plant project, the Xining municipal sewage sludge harmless treatment project, the east city children’s treatment center project has been successfully signed and entered the implementation phase.


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