Provincial government departments at all levels to complete the preparation of the list of responsib

reporter recently learned from the provincial office, the province was officially launched in March 2015 the list of the powers of government departments, responsible for inventory preparation, the provincial government departments two list preparation work has been published in the year ahead of schedule. The province’s 46 county government departments in the preparation of a list of responsibilities the statutory powers, decentralization, convenient and efficient, with responsibility for the principle, ready to deploy, through self-examination and cleaning, examination and verification, the government review, as of June 30, 2016, the list of responsibilities of all completed, half a year ahead of schedule officially announced.

implementation of the work of the government departments at all levels of responsibility power list list system, to further clarify the work of government departments at all levels of responsibility and authority, and speed up the formation of a clear boundary, rational division of responsibilities consistent and efficient operation, to guarantee the government function system and scientific and effective power supervision, control and coordination mechanism is deepening administrative reform, comprehensively promote administration according to law, the major task of building a government under the rule of law, clean government. Province in the provincial government departments to promote the preparation of the two list at the same time, the city (state), the county to promote the work of co-ordination. The county county government set up the administrative approval system reform leading group and office, the departments and units responsible for the implementation of the power list list, mainly is the county government departments and county government departments of the listed institutions according to law, the administrative functions of the institutions and the province in the county units, departments do full coverage. Various departments (units) of the county government in accordance with the administrative power of the 11+X category, a comprehensive clean-up.

in accordance with the administrative authority to retain the power of the list, the implementation of each of the executive power of the main body, the name of the power, the type of power, the implementation of the basis, the implementation of the object, time limit and charges, etc.. In accordance with the responsibilities, have the right to have the responsibility for compiling a list of responsibilities of the main responsibility, responsibility, responsibility for links, matters unit, telephone service, telephone complaints and accept the place of clear, to ensure the power match. In accordance with the principle of transparent, efficient and convenient, further optimizing the operation of power flow, one by one to draw a process of administrative power, clear every aspect of the contractors, for links, handling requirements, processing time, improve the level of standardization of the operation of administrative power. The county government departments pay attention to the provincial and municipal (state) department docking list in terms of work, follow up the provincial and municipal (state) decentralization process of government, matters of superior cancellation and decentralization of management authority, implement and undertake, and promptly incorporated into the list of responsibilities in the. From the publication of the situation, the county administrative powers to maintain an average of about 3730, in line with the actual county. Do the state and province, the two forms of unity, unified classification authority list, roughly the same number of powers. To ensure the legitimacy of the two list, to achieve various functions in according to the law, Ledu District, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Haiyan County, Guinan County in the legal review, relying on the government legal advisory group, on the two list of legal review, and issued a detailed review on the book. Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, autonomous prefecture, focus on the interface of local laws and regulations, such as "Qinghai province Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Tibetan language work regulations" outline;

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