How do women get their breasts by taking a bath _39 _ women’s health network

4, holding the brush from the inside breast, along the breast below the line, draw arc as to the lateral breast scrub.

3, into the bathtub, the first hand massage the breast.

7, if the breast ptosis or to prevent breast sagging, preferably with a shower head from the lower part of the breast to the punch, and annular friction around the nipple, so as to enhance tissue tension, make breast strong.

6, if the breast is too small, can be hair paste to do alternating cold and hot compress, 10 minutes to exchange 1.

5, open the faucet, with the same step as the fourth step, wash the breast.

1, slowly drain, and raised to the required temperature.

2, with cotton gloves to scrub the body, so that the whole body fever.

bathroom is best to choose a cold, warm water shower nozzle and shower room.

8, the algae was chopped into gauze bags, used to wipe the breast. After the bath, put on the nourishing cream, and gently massage the hands in the direction shown in the picture for 10 minutes, it can promote local blood circulation, so that the skin smooth and moist and elastic, to prevent the aging of the chest skin, relaxation. Can also be cold hair stick gently wipe, make the skin shrink.

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