The statistical work conference held in Xining

March 11th, the statistical work conference held in Xining. The main contents of the meeting is to implement the national statistical work, meeting the province’s spirit and the twelve session of the ten plenary session of the party spirit, summed up the 2010 statistics, in 2011 the city’s arrangements for the task of statistical work, the statistical work of collective recognition of advanced counties. Wu Weizhou, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, vice mayor of the city of China, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, attended the meeting, vice chairman of the CPPCC, Liu De, vice chairman of the Municipal People’s Congress Zhao Yuhua. District government and the city directly under the relevant departments in charge of the leadership of the statistical work, the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team leader, the County Bureau of statistics and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics attended the meeting. Municipal government deputy secretary general Li Jianqing presided over the meeting.

director of Municipal Bureau of statistics Shen Hongliang made a speech entitled "the practice of" three increase "in the meeting, to promote the" four project ", and strive to achieve new breakthroughs" Xining statistical work report, reviewed the city’s statistical work in 11th Five-Year during the period of the achievements, and made specific arrangements and deployment of "12th Five-Year" during the period of 2011 statistics work ideas and statistical work, asked the city’s statistics department to promote a profound understanding of the new opportunities and new challenges brought by reform and development, and constantly adapt to the new situation and new requirements, to speed up the statistical system, the survey method and statistical work, statistical work means such as all-round reform and innovation. In order to improve statistical capacity, improve the credibility of government statistics and improve the quality of statistical data, focusing on the construction of basic units database, a table enterprise system, the software of data acquisition and processing system, network reporting system and other four projects". In the service of Science in Excel, in data quality and statistical analysis in Excel, scientific statistics "achievements in 12th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" scientific service development process.

Zhao Yuhua, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics

made an important speech at the meeting. Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress, municipal government, municipal CPPCC expressed concern about the support of statistical work. Fully affirmed the remarkable achievements of the statistical work in Xining during the 11th Five-Year. Hope that the city’s statistics system in 2011 to conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting the province’s statistical work, enhance the overall awareness, strengthen data management, consolidate the foundation of statistics, around the city of Xining, the municipal government center to do the monitoring work as in the past economic and social development, "12th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year a good start, good service. To promote the Xining statistical work to a new level.

municipal government deputy mayor Wang Ping stressed in his speech pointed out that the statistical work of this year, to promote stable and rapid economic development of the city, the smooth implementation of the "12th Five-Year plan" a good start is very important. The city’s statistical departments to the municipal Party committee and government under the correct leadership, in-depth implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, emancipating the mind, really hard work, solid work. First, we must fully understand the status and role of statistical work under the new situation, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of mission to do a good job in statistics. Two is to strengthen the leadership of statistical work, to form a joint force. Three to focus on the overall situation of the city, high-quality completion of key statistics in 2011.

meeting, Shen Hongliang on behalf of the city;

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