Tourist attractions more emphasis on cultural characteristics

October 4th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the double holiday has been in the past half of the major scenic spots in Xining traffic continues to rise. Reporters learned that the people’s Park, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, a large number of tourists to the zoo, and Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Tibetan cultural museum, the ancient city of the main tourist attractions. Reporters and visitors found that foreign tourists pay more attention to the cultural connotation of heavy scenic spots.

double holiday, I chose Qinghai as a driving destination." September 30th, in the parking lot in Kumbum Monastery, Mr. Yang told reporters from Shaanxi. I came to Xining, the first station is the Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Museum of Tibetan culture, after the trip is tentatively scheduled for Dan Gar City, Zanpu Lika and Qinghai Lake. To Qinghai, is to look at these with a strong Tibetan culture and cultural characteristics of the scenic spots."

in Huangyuan in the ancient city of Dan, ZiJiaYou tourists Mr. Zheng from Shanghai not to miss any building, just listen to his camera kept a "click click" sound. During the conversation, the reporter found that the majority of foreign tourists in the selection of attractions, will pay more attention to the cultural characteristics of the scenic spots. "We drive the line is Kumbum Monastery – Qinghai Lake – the ancient city of." Mr Cheng said, "because of special interest to Tibetan Buddhism culture, so that Xining chose Kumbum Monastery; in addition, also want to see the movie" zangke "in the ancient city of Tibet and Dan Junggar, Princess Wencheng Palace Zanpu linca."

reporter met from Jiangxi tourists Cai min, he just came out from the Tibetan cultural museum in Qinghai. "It’s been a worthwhile trip! Here to show me the Tibetan culture is broad and profound, too shocking!" Cai Min said that he was ready to Chinese Tibetan Medicine Museum to see, "it is said that there are a Guinness world record of the" China Tibetan culture "grand painting Thangka scroll, must see this is the national cultural treasures." (author: Sheng Nan)

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