Xining iron fire against fire in action 119 fire protection publicity month people’s livelihood secu

November 9th is the twenty-first national fire safety awareness day, this year’s promotional theme is universal fire, life first". Fire safety is directly related to the safety of life and property of the country and the people. In order to further spread the fire of knowledge, to improve the fire safety awareness, to win the "clear fire" campaign and carry out the "national fire safety publicity and education program" Publicizing the work of the Xining fire brigade organized a large fire and rescue combat exercise, the school fire safety evacuation drills, 000 people into the red fire and the scene "a series of promotional activities in various forms, rich in content, to create a good environment for fire safety.

119 propaganda day on the city together to mobilize thousands of people to learn fire knowledge propaganda climax

fire volunteer team flag.


  119 launch ceremony.

in November 9th, by the Qinghai fire brigade and the fire brigade in Xining jointly organized the "national fire safety education program" implementation, "primary and secondary fire safety education knowledge Handbook" and the taxi fire volunteer team flag presentation ceremony was held in the stadium simon.

Lu Yuanqing, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Qinghai fire brigade captain Liu Jiangmin and the Xining Municipal Propaganda Department, the Public Security Bureau, the Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau leaders attended the ceremony. Representatives of all sectors of society, the masses of nearly a thousand people participated in the activities. The event, the Xining fire brigade set up a consultation desk for the past people to distribute more than 10000 copies of promotional materials, and accept the knowledge of fire protection consulting. Equipment display and fire officers and soldiers skills show, so that the public witnessed the fire officers and men of the superb skills and advanced equipment and equipment, the masses eye opener.


and monks Qidong the Kumbum monastery in a fire safety special field  

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