People lavish long flowers 228 million

Looking forward to more than half a year, and finally during the National Day holiday too full of addiction, travel, buy favorite products…… During the holiday, the province’s consumer goods market strong festive atmosphere, abundant supply of goods, according to the province’s 26 enterprises monitoring data show that from September 29th to October 6th, the province achieved sales of 228 million yuan of goods, an increase of 13.7%, including clothing, footwear, textiles, the main commodities still pull consumption. Festival market supply. Wangfujing department store, department store and other 14 key cross circulation organization products reached 30 thousand, effectively ensuring the holiday market supply of goods, to meet the multi-level consumer demand. Colorful promotional activities. The major shopping malls have launched buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership double points and other forms of promotional activities, and make full use of newspapers, television and other media network, increase propaganda, stimulate consumer’s shopping enthusiasm, stimulating the holiday sales. Clothing department store sales steady increase. According to the monitoring data show that the middle of tobacco and food is also the main commodity during the holiday period of consumer spending, focusing on monitoring the supermarket and convenience store sales steady growth. The auto appliance sales growth. Provincial Department of Commerce to focus on monitoring the 8 car sales during the holiday sales of 33 million 406 thousand yuan, an increase of 22.3%. Gome, Suning Appliance and building of carry out brand appliance promotions, online promotion discount, the steady growth of golden week sales. Dining into a hot tourist dining. The National Day holiday this year, still implement highway toll free, Jinqiu beauty attracts a lot of tourists, Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Forest Park, Datong, suggested the Menyuan, Qilian scenic spot tourism number continues to rise, and the gathering of friends and family reunion to become hot sales of catering market during the holiday season. According to the province’s 23 large and medium-sized catering enterprises to monitor the holiday period of a total operating income of 8 million 13 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 7.6%.  

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