North of the city focus on repairing the road disease

in order to make every corner of the city are bright, recently, the North City District Construction Bureau to replace multiple damaged manhole cover, laying sidewalks isolation pier, maintenance of the disease road.  

October 29th, the reporter saw at the train station parking lot, the construction personnel in the re laying of the damaged pavement; bridge in the street at the parking lot, the staff damaged sidewalks board in the centralized rectification. It is understood that, so far, the area of the road traffic has been repaired.

in recent years, North covers lost, damage is extremely serious. If the damage is not repaired in a timely manner, the repeated rolling of the vehicle, will increase the degree of damage to the manhole cover, until the full damage caused by the road surface black hole, security risks. In order to ensure the safety of vehicles and drainage facilities in good condition, the replacement of the north area of the entire cover. Relevant responsible person told the reporter, the municipal department, they have deployed personnel consisting of a number of construction team, to carry out remediation activities focused on municipal facilities, centralized investigation of urban primary and secondary roads, streets and roads and ancillary facilities, comprehensive renovation existing plate, pavement problems. (author: Fang Xu)


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