North of the city of Xining construction project presents a new bright spot

this year, the North District of Xining City, actively strive for the implementation of special funds, vigorously implement the project strategy, accelerate the construction of industrial projects, presents the characteristics of projects and more, to the high rate of construction progress fast, private investment to the. At the end of October, the region’s total for all kinds of special funds 195 million yuan, fully driven by steady growth in investment, provide a strong impetus for economic growth in the industry, driven by the sound and rapid development of the economy.

to accelerate the pace of construction projects based on social undertakings, according to statistics, 1-10 months of the region to restart the project 75, the opening rate of return of up to 78%, an increase of 37.03%. Among them, the national and provincial government to support the project investment accounted for 8.85% of the total investment; all kinds of loan funds accounted for a total investment of 0.90%; private investment accounted for a total investment of 90.25%. Bridge Street Primary School, Nanjing Road first primary school Qilian road primary school playground wall reinforcement and reconstruction, Mafang, Baoziwan, mountains and the school playground wall reinforcement and renovation, friendship of the 4 storey school building new buildings and new teaching facilities, strengthening the effective implementation of the main building safety renovation project is progressing smoothly. Bridge, Chaoyang community health service center, elderly day care center Xinmin village, Baoziwan twenty Li Bao cultural station, north of the city area sanitation facilities renovation project, employment and entrepreneurship training center Chengbei District guidance center, Chengbei District comprehensive service center, the village Baoziwan B kindergarten project completed and put into use.

at the same time, low-income housing construction forms, the formation of a rural city and combining the characteristics of government investment and market operation of combining the multi-level urban and rural low-income housing construction benefit more urban and rural residents. The north area of the old city transformation, combined with the implementation of the reconstruction of the village temple, Tai Zi Qi City, Wei Jia Zhuang, Ma Fang, two North Park agency, Chaoyang village three villagers residential building has entered the final stage, the Beichuan River comprehensive management and the implementation of the new Tao, Tao Jiazhai, Lei stone, North apricot and other 4 villages overall demolition and centralized residence residential new construction and other municipal key project implementation, the north area of public rental construction, Xigang shantytowns 11 residential buildings, apartment building, Jing Yue Rui Jing River, Hui Ji Sun King family circle, Xining Hengda projects are stepping up construction. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)

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