Huangzhong Office of the province’s first village cadres college

March 12th morning, Huangzhong County village cadres college officially opened, the county more than 80 village cadres will be under the support of Qinghai Radio and TV University, studying for two and a half years of rural administrative professional, this is my province village cadres college first, will have a positive effect on the development of rural economy and the building of the contingent of cadres.
"graduated from school to school to learn, let us have the opportunity to round university dream, although again when the students are not suited to some, but we will cherish this rare opportunity to learn, and strive to enhance the theoretical training, broaden their horizons." Student Cai Shenglu said. It is understood that at the Qinghai Radio and TV University and the strong support of Huangzhong County Organization Department of careful preparation, the county organized more than 80 village cadres to study for two and a half years of rural administration in the county radio and TV University, tuition to organizations and individuals are assumed to implement form, after passing the examination of rural college administrative management professional national recognition the degree. The study is mainly carried out in accordance with the professional courses, and closely combined with the actual work in rural areas, rural economics, rural policies and regulations. Organized by the college class administrative village cadres in rural areas, can further enhance the combat effectiveness of village organization, improve the comprehensive quality of village cadres, village cadres to enhance the implementation of policies that benefit and promote economic development, promote the comprehensive ability to get rich, but also makes the village cadres in politics more firm, knowledge richer and more comprehensive ability.

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