What are the herbs to treat leucorrhea two herbs can be effective in the treatment of _39 _ women’s

is a kind of common dandelion herb, with heat, detumescence, detoxification, Sanjie effect. Dandelion has a good therapeutic effect in the treatment of gynecological diseases. For example, damp heat type abnormal leucorrhea symptoms is female, urine dripping endless, leucorrhea, can take use of dandelion and Verbena decoction. Some pregnant women because of excessive moisture and vulva pruritus, leucorrhea, can also be used to treat the dandelion and Fructus cnidii.

of Angelica dahurica

normal leucorrhea should be colorless transparent or milky white, and the amount and color of leucorrhea will change with the menstrual cycle. When the leucorrhea color, texture and quantity appear obvious change, so it belongs to the category of abnormal leucorrhea. For women with abnormal vaginal discharge, it is recommended that timely treatment. So, what kind of herbal medicine can be used to treat leucorrhea

1, dandelion

is a Chinese angelica common Chinese herbal medicine used in the treatment of gynecological diseases, especially the treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge. Because with Angelica desiccative effect, treatment of cold dampness type abnormal leucorrhea. If used in combination with cuttlebone, cortex ailanthi and phellodendron bark words, treatment effect is more. Note that patients with abnormal leucorrhea of yin deficiency and blood heat is not taking angelica. So taking Angelica before, be sure to consult a doctor in advance, so as to avoid the risk of taking the wrong medicine.


what herbs can treat leucorrhea

What is the ?

of herbal medicine to treat leucorrhoea? It introduces two kinds of herbal medicine for the treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge, respectively, the dandelion and Angelica dahurica, these two kinds of herbal medicine has a good effect in the treatment of leucorrhea aspect. In addition to these two kinds of herbs, such as dodder, white peony root, honeysuckle, phellodendron, Rhizoma alismatis, bupleurum herbal medicine, can the treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge.

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