n May 19th four, Xining police road check speeding, overcrowding, overloading.

May 19 Japanese newspapers "part of the car to walk sideways. The provincial capital" one article, Xining city traffic police detachment combined with the recent renovation "super three", namely illegal overloading, speeding, overcrowding and other traffic, to carry out a 40 day special rectification work in the provincial capital of four export card holding ground. The reporter follows the special work leading group interview.

West scene: illegal driver platoon leader

May 19th, the provincial capital of Qaidam road Baoziwan village, the traffic police is to check the vehicle. A long-distance bus to Huangyuan County due to overcrowding was stopped. The passenger complained: "blame the driver to pull fit, or we have to go." There are two vehicles checked for speeding car drivers disappear without a trace. North District Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Xichuan Road, pointing to the roadside a silver car and said: "come down from the high road, here (nine junctions) we set up a total of 5 pieces of the speed limit of the road, the maximum speed of not more than 60 kilometers, but this car without a license car is open to 90 kilometers. According to the regulations, we will revoke his driving license."

site, a lot of drivers around a police car to plead with the police, but were rejected.

it is understood that 19, from to 10:30, the squadron investigated nearly thirty kinds of illegal drivers.

site: the North vehicle also punished

north exit, a dump truck body and pull earthwork plastered with advertisements van parked on the roadside, although not to hit the "super three" bottom line, but the capacity is not the whole but was stopped. North Beichuan District Traffic Police Brigade squadron captain Zhang said: "Chuangwei entered the final stage, dumpers pull earthwork not covering wrapped up in the process of running easily soiled pavement. Because the car is a private car in the body paste ads, so ordered the owner to tear off the body advertising." In this place, the traffic police investigated nearly twenty vehicles overloaded.

East site:

check overcrowding problem

Economic Development Zone bus station, four long-distance cars are being inspected. East District Traffic Police Brigade squadron commander in Dongchuan, said: summer tea garden to play more people, we have targeted to strengthen the inspection of the seven vans." It is understood that, as of 19 noon, the traffic police seized here in the overloading of two vehicles.

South scene: overload phenomenon

City Traffic Police Brigade squadron captain Lee Nanchuan said: "less day economic development zone vehicle violation phenomenon, but more truck night pull sand, earth, there are many overloading phenomenon." Deputy director of the three super rectification work leading group, deputy director of Xining city traffic police detachment, said Wang Wei, here is a more serious overloading, especially at night. He reminded the driver that punishment is only a means, not;

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