New village community party

home and adjacent community Hing, concentric building civilized city. In January 5th, north of the city of Xining City District village community residents have a joyous gathering, in Beaming with Joy "sound of music", Spring Festival will start a community.

party, community art of their own band, chorus and Orchestra brings various wonderful performances for the residents, while the traditional program lantern riddles is ultimately, an interesting lantern riddles will be party to a climax. Activities also praised the community good neighborhood Title winner. (author: Peng Na)

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is not relatives

Pan Xiuling is a rare person, she always care for others everywhere."

"Zhao Suling is a gentle, modest people, do not look at her 76 years old, what are rushing to dry."

in the new village community welcomes the new year’s party, Pan Xiuling and Zhao Suling have won the community good neighborhood title. Live to the door they evaluate each other. Pan Xiuling is 66 years old, and she’s been a neighbor for about a year since she was 76 years old at the age of seven or eight. Over the past seven or eight years, they have to buy food together, shopping together, exercise together, with a word to describe them not to be too.

Pan Xiuling’s wife suffering from pulmonary heart disease, hospitalized three or four times a year, each episode, Zhao Suling were busy preparing, from hospital to home, from home to the hospital, despite her age, but she is still trying to help reduce the burden of Pan Xiuling. "Don’t worry, it’ll be fine." "You have to say something." This is Zhao Suling’s most common saying. Speaking of these, Pan Xiuling shook his hand and shook his eyes.

said that a distant relative is not as good as neighbors, neighbors as well as the door, although the children are good but not around, a lot of things have to rely on the neighborhood." Took the microphone, Zhao Suling tells the story of her unforgettable. One year, Zhao Suling brain blood shortage, dizziness at home for nearly three hours, when no one at home, she was desperate to cry. After listening to the sound of crying, Pan Xiuling and his wife came, they will carry a blanket down the stairs to the hospital, Zhao Suling. "Pan Xiuling saved my life." The hands of the two old men were clasped together, and all the people present were moved.

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