People from all walks of life in Xining

October 1st morning, the city held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the establishment of the flag of People’s Republic of China. Accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rising, fluttering in the wind. Everyone stood solemnly, singing the national anthem, to the great motherland best wishes and sincere expression of faith in the party, loyal to the motherland, love and work together to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the majestic sound of the music, countless wishes into blessing, rising in the air. The dream in my heart is here, with the flag rising. In the ceremony, the national flag rises to the top, cheers, the flag fluttering in the wind. Police officers Zhou Jian said firmly: "today is the 65 birthday of our motherland, as police officers, I want to do their part for the construction and development of Qinghai, bless our motherland more thriving and prosperous and peaceful." "The more than and 100 of us in Xining on behalf of the flag raising ceremony in, I am very honored to wish our motherland mother happy birthday of 65 years." Xining seventh middle school students Wang Mengyao told reporters. After the flag raising ceremony, bless the motherland better and better!" "Xining is getting better and better!" The square is still echoed with the people of the motherland, the blessing of Xining.  

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