Areola black What should do Black this is the _ Female Health Network disease _39

first, the nipple and areola color deepened, and accompanied by itching, may be breast hyperplasia.

normal areola is gradual deepen, but ill will appear in a period of deepening, is accompanied by other symptoms, then it must not be ignored, may be a sign of disease in the body.

women with less sex are pink nipples?

breast nutrition is on sex hormone, sex hormone secretion will make much papillary pigmentation of the nipple and areola will slowly turn black. So it’s not just the pregnant woman’s nipples are black.

in many people’s minds, without sexual life of female nipple and areola is behoove pink, if he saw his wife into the areola ugly brown, get suspicious.

on the other hand, the skin will also affect the areola color, like the darker areola women generally darker color, color white color pink areola. So you can imagine if it is black, her areola appears black.

areola itching is not normal?

women as long as the sexual maturity, sexual organs will appear pigmentation, not only the nipple so, even the color of the private parts will deepen. So the areola color deepened is mature, we are not thinking of life.

third, the nipple and areola color deepened suddenly, accompanied by small nodules, may be suffering from a female ovarian benign tumor, the ovarian secretion increased.

the areola color deepened   is sick!

second, the nipple and areola color deepened, the nodules around the breast, and breast examination and no lesion may be liver dysfunction. Because of the decrease of liver function, estrogen in the liver is not the normal out solution, resulting in the nipple and areola color deepened.

the cold winter, the skin is very dry, sometimes itching, this seasonal itch appear in the areola is normal. But if the nipple and areola itching, like eczema, itching and redness of the place, and with the erosion, which may suffer from nipple eczema like breast cancer.

breast is a very important part of our body, we usually change on the body must pay more attention to these changes may have hidden disease, discovered in a timely manner, even more serious illness, hope will be greater.

is from the nipple areola slowly outward diffusion region, it is clear the pigmentation of the nipple area. The present red areola adolescent sexual life, with the increase, areola color will gradually deepen, showing dark brown. This is the natural law of physiology, if changes in a certain period of time the areola is particularly large, it may be a sign of disease in the body.

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