Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department issued the notice arrangements for the 2017 New Yea

new year is approaching, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department issued on the 2017 New Year’s day, the Spring Festival mass cultural activities notice, do a good job on the new year’s day, Spring Festival, the province’s cultural activities were arranged.

"notice" pointed out that, during the new year and Spring Festival mass cultural activities, to fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and the previous session, the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially in the spirit of the forum and the Chinese Federation ten, China writers nine important speech on the opening and an important speech in Qinghai inspection as a guide, to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, meet the cultural needs of the people, promote the cultural construction as the overall goal, will carry out rich and colorful festival cultural activities with the propaganda of the central and provincial government major decisions and plans to combine with the current "two a" combination of learning education again, since with the propaganda of "12th Five-Year" and "13th Five-Year" in Qinghai during the year in the fields of economy, society and culture made Feng Shuocheng Fruit and the emergence of new things, new weather, new combination. Continue to unite the cadres and masses of entrepreneurial spirit, in order to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream and strive to build the "three areas", "create a highland" provides a strong impetus.

"notice" stressed during the two mass cultural activities, the theme to highlight the joy, happiness, peace, peace, civilization, thrift, propaganda and cultural departments at all levels to carry out science and technology to send, send cultural performances, send books, painting and calligraphy, send couplets, send the film, sent to the exhibition etc. a series of cultural Huimin activities, organized by theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, performances, lectures, reading festivals Lantern Festival, temple fairs, sports fun garden, various cultural and sports fun sports activities, spread advanced culture, promote civilized new. To strictly implement the provisions of the eight Central and provincial 21 requirements, adhere to the principle of concise, advocate simple and elegant, frugal activities, against lavish, extravagance and waste. We must firmly establish the "safety first, prevention first" ideology, strengthen safety awareness and sense of responsibility, scientific planning, strict organization, to ensure the smooth and safe activities. Cultural administrative departments at all levels should strengthen the "cultural market law enforcement, effectively purify the cultural market environment, and resolutely resist the vulgar culture, prevent superstitious activities, provide healthy happy and positive culture festival entertainment environment for the masses.


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