Xining virtue young honest and trustworthy star


grade six girls do extraordinary

North Street Primary School in Xining city

District of the sixth grade girls Xu Zongpin Yu, the name is unique, but the most unique is that she "is one or two is two" attitude towards life.

Zongpin of Xu Yu, will come true, really say false hypothesis is the most difficult, as she was criticized by the teacher in the school to make mistakes, is that parents don’t ask, she will tell parents to listen to authentic, many children on the contrary; go, she thought that does not comply with the public order of the people is not good faith, only mom and dad was correct, she criticized several times…… The most typical one is that last year, she picked up a huge amount of cash in public places, a woman holding a child after seeing, rushed up to grab, she will hold the money in her arms…… Later, she will be more than 8000 yuan a lot of money into the hands of the police. Afterwards, her deeds on the "Xining evening news".  

Datong rural baby cute and

Datong County town center school grade 3 class Ma Yingliang, grew up in the rural areas of his ordinary and ordinary, is honest and trustworthy to make him become more than a simple.

once, the teacher mistakenly thought that he stole more than possession of a nutritious meal, in fact, it fell to the ground can not eat a dirty…… Later, a number of students testified to the teacher, said: "he is right…… Not only that, but he often gives his own food to other students." Ma Yingliang is a left behind children, parents working in Xining for many years, Grandpa and grandma to let his grandson usually eat well, will give him two or three yuan a little pocket money…… He put the money saved up to grandpa bought a new hat. He had a poor home to pick up a hundred dollar bills in the campus, he took the initiative to put money on the school of politics and law.  

like a robot as punctual boy

Cao Guangwei is the first eight classes of students, he has the following two principles: punctuality, honesty.

punctuality, primary school, mother provisions may look at the 40 – 60 minute TV cartoons or play the same time after he had finished his homework in the computer game, as long as the prescribed time, no matter how good, cartoon game more fun, he will not hesitate to turn off the computer or TV, parents are not in front of are determined to do. Honesty, whether in study or in life, he has always insisted on not lying to others…… Last semester, one of his classmates accidentally broke his leg, only crutches, tall and strong, he offered students back downstairs, the back was back out of a sense of responsibility, as long as the students back time, he’ll leave other things to do their duty. Once, in order to agree with his classmates, he in the snow, and so on for more than and 40 minutes.  


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