With the administrative service center of the masses more convenient

"The city government administrative service center is high efficiency!" August 5th, just run the birth certificate of Mr. Liu told me satisfactorily. Last year when we do a marriage certificate, the staff of the Advisory desk is very close to remind us, remember to apply for a permit and the procedures for the transfer. And the relevant procedures for the manual to us. Today, from the number to the end of less than 20 minutes. Particularly convenient!" Mr. Liu said.Since

August 2010 Golmud municipal government established the administrative service center, has been adhering to the "integrity, convenient, efficient and honest" service tenet, always adhere to the "should enter into the necessary, can enter into the necessary" principle, and is closely related to people’s administrative matters, all included in the center, the city’s various units, various departments of the implementation of "one-stop" office, "one-stop" service. At present, the center of each window staff administrative approval rights, the right to audit and coordinate the disposal right, for results to the right permissions, reduce application in internal departments transfer time, improve work efficiency, facilitate the masses, realized the optimization of environment to improve administrative efficiency, the goal of. By constantly accelerating the construction of e-government service platform and realize the Lemu de Guo Township, town, township and other part of the township government service’s platform links, interoperability has laid the foundation for promoting open government and government services extended to the grassroots.

at present, have administrative authority of administrative service center 263, service 11, public information 63, and the preparation of the open government and government services directory, each item of administrative powers have drawn power flow chart, and the administrative authority, information disclosure and public service items to be open in the government information network and each service window. As the deepening of public affairs, information disclosure, the center set up in the lobby of e-government information self-service platform, the work of the masses can query to all content center of government affairs, public information on the platform, and to enterprises or individuals through email, become the center of foreign "second window". As of July, the center has received a total of 186007 pieces of office, after a total of 185375, the completion rate of up to 99.66%. (author: Ting Ting Zhao Qian)


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