To mutual aid to sunning road bus station waiting

Who lives in West District, want to go to the public in the future in Huzhu County no longer run to the Bayi Road passenger station take the bus, to facilitate travel, recently, Xinning road passenger station 6 new car, via a high speed to Huzhu county. This is the reporter learned from the city yunguanchu July 15th.

it is reported that the Xining bus station demolition reconstruction, previous to mutual direction class line vehicles from Xining bus station to Bayi Road passenger station, but to live in the west, north of the city to go to Huzhu County of the people, go to the mutual aid has become very inconvenient. In order to meet the needs of passenger travel, in coordination with the city yunguanchu under the specifically deployed 6 trolley to Xinning road bus station, in the future people will be able to help ride from here. The new departure time is: starting at 7 in the morning every day; since then every half an hour to send a bus; until 6:30 p.m..


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