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middle-aged: do not self massage

due to the menstrual cycle, ovarian secretion of female hormone stimulation, the breast will have periodic response, most of the women in the pre menstrual breast pain feeling due to congestion and edema, by themselves after the pain disappeared, generally do not need treatment.


baby: best not to squeeze do not rub

care focus: this period of women should wear a loose jacket and bra, so as not to affect the normal development of breast oppression breast, thus affecting the child’s feeding. After 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, often scrub with soap and warm water nipple, so that epidermal thickening of the nipple, elastic. After scrubbing in the nipple and areola is coated with a layer of oil, to prevent chapped.

after puberty, secondary sexual characteristics begin to develop. Women under the age of 9 -12 years of age, breast development, breast milk first, and slowly increasing development, at the same time menstruation nipple prominent.

during pregnancy, including pregnancy and lactation, is also the highest incidence of breast disease. In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer increased year by year, and the trend of younger, more than 40 years of age onset.

care focus: this period is a multiple stage of breast fibroma, because female hormone secretion is strong, endocrine is not coordinated. Mother should pay particular attention to her daughter’s breast changes, such as whether there is nipple retraction, whether a long pimple, if there is an exception to timely medical treatment. In addition, it is important to wear the right bra in time. Cotton is good, not too tight or too loose, too tight will affect the blood supply, the negative development; too loose will cause sagging. Adolescence is the second peak period of growth and development, at this time should also strengthen physical exercise and nutrition.

gestational age: replace comfortable bra

At present, the incidence of breast cancer in China is increasing rapidly, and the age of onset is becoming younger and younger.

: don’t care focus attention now, don’t rub it, squeeze, to avoid infection, can promote the absorption of local hot compress to. With the decline in the level of female hormones in the baby, about 3 weeks later, the breasts naturally return to normal and into the stationary phase.

the entire infant breast is at rest. However, due to the impact of the birth of the mother of estrogen in the body, may be in the short term after birth, breast enlargement or nipple discharge, etc..

puberty: pay attention to breast

care due to breast swell and pain, should be replaced with a slightly larger size than the usual bra, breast squeezed so as not to aggravate the pain; the breast is sensitive, should avoid unnecessary trauma and extrusion; keep the spirit of happy, don’t be too tight; hot compress can promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, alleviate the tension of the local tissue, is conducive to the inflammation disappeared.


menstrual period: keep a good mood

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