To become practitioners four changes

today’s conference new, real, dry goods." "Really wonderful, rich in content!" "Different perspectives show a different kind of Qinghai!" "In this press conference, really worthwhile"…… The morning of January 16th, the six meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held the first press conference, walked out of the venue, every journalist excited, all short words reflect "veteran" generally views on the press conference.

conference, Henan county is introduced to promote the coordination of ecological protection, economic development, improving people’s livelihood, from single planting, breeding and ecological care to change life cycle ecological production experience; National Park Management Bureau of Sanjiang source introduced 11 key work China 7 highlights of the first central straight national park construction process and continue to promote the construction of Ecological Province in Qinghai show, the spirit of ecological province; Haibei population from small to large, national unity and progress forward efforts attracted the attention of the media; the provincial development and Reform Commission and Haidong Industrial Park respectively from the surface, showing the Qinghai actively integrate into the national look out of the Qinghai development strategy, actively explore Qinghai. From the top-level design of ecological civilization construction of the province’s provincial development and Reform Commission to promote the process of the source of Sanjiang National Park; from the province’s construction like a raging fire advanced area of national unity and progress to the lively practice of Haibei Prefecture of ethnic unity and progress…… The contents of the press conference strongly interpretation: "four change" concept, based on the development of Qinghai practical and strategic positioning, to promote the "four solid" air plant, promote the province’s economic and social development direction. The whole province has the spirit of thinking and action to the Provincial Committee, the "active consciousness jump", "four changes" to implement the specific work, forge ahead, strive to be enthusiastic and press on, practitioners of "four change".

press conference the same day by the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress of the six meeting of the propaganda team leader, deputy secretary general Zhu Xiangfeng presided over the meeting. Zhu Xiangfeng pointed out that Wang Jianjun, acting governor of the National People’s Congress in the "government work report", aroused strong sympathy and warm discussion on behalf of members. "Four solid " major requirements," four changes ", the hot words in these reports reflects from one side of the reported temperature, follow the development trend, with the voice of the people, not only shows a strong mission play, full of deep feelings towards the people’s livelihood. The National People’s Congress Organizers arranged two press conferences, these hot words are issued and interpretation.

a new word throughout. In order to allow reporters to understand the contents of the release, the news conference organizers issued a new release form and content, focusing on a new start, new weather. Made a great adjustment to the press release, a change in the Bureau leaders in "the" release of the Convention, for the first time invited city (state), county (District), village responsible comrades attended the release, specific examples of more specific interpretation of some fine drop out. Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, Haidong Industrial Park, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and other areas and units of the released people boarded the release units, to have hair;

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