Xining business and seized a large number of fake tobacco worth more than one hundred thousand yuan

February 3rd, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau seized by detachment seized a batch of worth more than one hundred thousand yuan of suspected counterfeit cigarettes were famous. According to law enforcement personnel, this is my first time to seize this year, a huge amount of money, involving the case involving the value of brand tobacco numerous cases of fake goods.

19 in February 3rd, according to the day even thorough investigation, law enforcement officers came to the Eastern District of Xining City 71 road 292, a tobacco sales site, found here to sell tobacco appearance and genuine differences, the scene seized suspected counterfeit "Chinese" "furongwang" "clouds" of "Lanzhou" and "Yellow Crane Tower" etc. cigarettes were 523, seized suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" brand four tianyoude 48 bottles of liquor, 42 bottles of liquor, eight seven mutual workshop 18 bottles of liquor and "Moutai" and "Wuliangye" and "the Yanghe River" and "blue sea" and "wuliangchun" liquor totaling 214 bottles, involving more than one hundred thousand yuan. Law enforcement personnel at the scene to get in touch with "mutual aid" barley winery, manufacturers of fake personnel rushed to the scene the night after the confirmation of "mutual aid" brand series of wine for wine. Law enforcement officers at the scene sealed these suspected counterfeit cigarettes and alcohol. According to reports, after further testing, as long as the determination of these cigarettes as fake products, the business sector will be in accordance with the relevant regulations, the seller to give a huge penalty.

industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, a lot of fake alcohol and tobacco packaging at first glance and the real almost no difference, only through careful observation, can be seen from the bronzing, font differences. Some counterfeit products directly by the recycling of packaging box wine, is to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting.


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