Since the beginning of this car more than 20 vehicles in Xining a large car theft gang was destroyed

8 23, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment after nearly 3 months of hard investigation, successfully destroyed a

clear set of theft, stolen goods as one of the large car theft gang, arresting 8 suspects, cracked series of theft cases from more than 20 paid

stolen vehicles 2 units, the use of vehicles and the crime of committing the crime of 1 tools. In the arrest of the suspect, despite the suspect violent resistance,

the police in case of injury to arrest the suspect, there is no escape.

for a long time, our city car theft cases occurred frequently, which caused great economic losses to the masses of people buried under the social security risks, caused by the provincial and municipal public security


government, in order to crack down on criminals arrogance, police detachment full investigation series of car theft cases. At the end of May this year, the investigators

received an important clue, preliminary grasp this set of theft and stolen goods as one of the large car theft gang. The gang clear division of labor, as

case of covert means, personnel, strong liquidity, stolen goods channels, brought great difficulties to the investigation work. Through nearly 3 months of painstaking investigation,

identified the basic situation of the gang, the gang is mainly by the city of Huangzhong, a number of suspects in the urban area and the surrounding area in charge of

check, and then by the Yushu auto theft suspects will be stolen cars sold in Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan and other regions.

August 21st, the gang members are concentrated to Xining, once again to prepare for car theft and criminal activities, the police decided to arrest

. 21 PM 5 pm at the riverside road in our city will be suspected of theft suspects arrested Yang Shunting, Ma Shengbiao. Then the police in the evening, respectively, at

City Road, Shangri-La District, the provincial Party school near Ma Zhanxiang, arrested Ma Guoren, Yang Qilu, Jackie Chan, Matsuko Wen, Luo min to bazaar West

and other 6 suspects.

in the strong evidence and strong police psychological offensive, all suspects confessed truthfully since the beginning of this year in the city and surrounding areas

big car theft, crime more than 20 cases of all the facts of the crime.

in the arrest, the suspect in order to avoid the fight, violent resistance, but all the war police fear danger, heroic struggle, did not let

a suspect escaped. In the vicinity of the city of Shangri-La to carry out the task of arrest, the suspect Jackie Chan fled, police tight

do not give up, chasing 500 meters and the suspect in the fight, was dragged into a high of about 10 meters deep groove, in the case of serious injuries, the suspect is still

man Jackie Chan uniform. The police arrest Ye Jun Feng in Guoluo Road, in the fight by the criminal suspect Ma Guoren wounded, Ma

will still kunihito




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