Around the lake ignited the passion of the whole city

7 17, the provincial capital of Xining city over the clouds, the weather turns cool, but it can not cover up the people of Xining fiery passion, fifteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race tournament kicked off on the first day of the ring.

nine in the morning, from the beginning of the game there is a period of time, but in the west area of the square is Xining Xinning has many residents and visitors in the waiting for them, some people took the gas banner, some people with bright flags, some people are looking for the best viewing point, only the starting gun. A moment for their favorite athletes cheering.

"the first watch the time feel strange, feel more and more behind the lake race on behalf of the Qinghai people never give up, go ahead of the spirit, so every tournament I will cheer for the athletes to the scene, now have children, my wife and I will be together with their children." Ma Haiying, an old faithful audience of the tournament.

around the lake is not only a group of loyal old audience, but also attracted a large number of foreign tourists waiting to wait.

"my hometown is in Mianyang, there has never been such a big event, I feel that all the people are involved, the city’s passion has been ignited." Wang Junchao, a college graduate from Sichuan, said.

11, the official start of the race, the moment of the gun, the riders like an arrow out of the starting point, the atmosphere reached a climax, cheers, cheers, shouts as one falls, another rises. There are many people took out a cell phone to take pictures, record this wonderful moment.

for fifteen consecutive years in the lake race, in the eyes of the public Zhang Yongkang has changed dramatically. Urban construction more and more beautiful, more and more professional team to participate in the game, the way the report is more and more advanced, the lake has been accompanied by the progress of our city forward.

now reports that way too advanced, even have a helicopter, let the outside know the great beauty of Qinghai ". As the lake race, Xining people’s happiness index is sesame flowering steadily high ah." Zhang Yongkang said.


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