Our province to carry out the implementation of the accountability of the Communist Party of China R

9 28, the province in the form of video conferencing, held to study and implement the "Regulations on the accountability of the Communist Party of China" counseling report. Provincial Standing Committee, discipline committee secretary Dorje Geltan attended the meeting in Xining, the main venue. Cities and counties, counties and cities, towns and villages of more than 1500 discipline inspection and supervision of cadres in the venue to listen to the guidance report.

conference invited Tan Huanmin, deputy director of the discipline inspection and Regulation Commission for special subject learning guidance. Tan Huanmin from making a profound understanding of "accountability regulations" the importance of accountability work, accurately grasp the guiding ideology and principles, a profound understanding of "accountability regulations" of the main content, earnestly carry out the "accountability regulations" the implementation of the four aspects of a comprehensive and systematic guidance.

Provincial Commission for discipline inspection requirements of the province at all levels of Party organization and discipline inspection and supervision organs to the counseling report as an opportunity to further strengthen learning, a profound understanding of "accountability regulations" policy meaning and spirit connotation, accurately grasp the accountability principle, subject, object, condition and mode, conscientiously fulfill the duties of the management and administration of the party task. Party committees and discipline inspection and the work of the party departments in accordance with the "Regulations" accountability requirements, effectively assume overall responsibility strictly, make good use of the accountability tool, let the default will ask, strict accountability will become the norm, to promote the management and administration of the party from the loose to tight hard soft. All units should implement accountability regulations as an important task of comprehensive strictly, strengthen supervision and inspection, strict accountability, to further improve the measure mechanism, strive to create their play, good atmosphere general business.


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