North Campus surrounding environment remediation

at the beginning of the new semester, in the area of primary and secondary school number, wide distribution, complex characteristics, the campus surrounding environment problems recently, north of the city of Xining City District Education, health, urban management, public security and other departments of the joint special rectification group, within the jurisdiction of the schools around the cultural market to carry out unscheduled clean-up remediation.

the new semester, for students to create a good campus environment, the north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau of special inspection area Qilian Road Primary School, Bridge Street, Chaoyang School, primary school and schools around the shops and shops along the street, around the campus regulation according to the shops, stalls, and in every key period, not patrols, Jeeves stalls etc..

currently has to check around the campus food business households more than 60 households, 40 households operating Stationery, cleaning Jeeves 18, withheld illegal operation of more than 10 pieces of various items. (author: Peng Na Wei Yunlong)

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