Happy festive celebration of the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival in Xining

September 30th, October 1st, coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double door ", Xining City, the red flag fluttering flags flying everywhere, a festive and peaceful rich multicolored decorations, festival scene. People who make friends with congenial persons parks, help the aged and the young, shopping, shopping, eating, to fully enjoy the leisure happy holiday.

"Mid Autumn Festival and the national day together, is really a good day. Taking into account the field too many people, so take the children to the park to play, the children have fun." Just accompany the children to sit the train station, said mr..

– vacation to Xining Bookstore charge

the five-star red flag floating, red lantern. In October 1st, the five-star red flag and red lanterns hanging on the door of Xining Bookstore attracted the attention of the public.

"the Mid Autumn Festival, national day together, this is really a rare opportunity to our supermarket, our turnover is higher than last year many." October 1st, a supermarket owner happily told reporters. The first day of the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the holiday, many people buy moon cake, gift boxes and other relatives, there are some people for holiday travel to buy some necessities, so Xining City, the major supermarkets are showing a supply and marketing prosperous situation.

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