Do not lay off the reputation of Xining City, 13 enterprises to obtain subsidies

February 5th from the Municipal Bureau of labor and social security, in order to cope with the financial crisis, to help enterprises out of difficulties, our city has launched a specific training subsidy of some enterprises, nearly 3000 enterprises difficulties now being trained.

it is understood that, in order to help the temporary difficulties of the enterprise, the municipal labor and social security departments to fully play an important role in promoting the occupation training and employment service economic stability and all-round development, due to the financial crisis caused by the decline in sales, production capacity, shrinking business difficulties, but honesty is not downsizing, continue to perform the contract (Asia silicon industry Qinghai) Co., Ltd. and other 13 enterprises to give a specific 1 million 300 thousand yuan subsidy policy, encourage enterprises to post these difficulties and on-the-job workers to carry out skills upgrading, job transfer, production safety and other aspects of the vocational training, improve staff skills and occupation occupation accomplishment, stable employment. According to statistics, at present, 13 companies received a total of 2913 training subsidies workers are receiving a variety of training.


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