Datong’s first renovation project completed the old city department store opened

"chase" s opening, let’s go shopping." December 30th early in the morning, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Department of Datong opened the door, it ushered in a large number of customers. As the first urban transformation project in Datong County, Datong department store opened marks the Chase has a collection of leisure, shopping, dining, entertainment as one of the city complex.

flags flying, lanterns hanging, Datong department store opening ceremony lively and festive, from the leadership to the guests, to the general public have responded with warm applause. This is a special day for the department store, and a memorable day. During the continuous 17 months of construction, leaders at all levels of support and care, the first urban redevelopment project in Datong County was finally completed, which marks a set of leisure, shopping, dining and entertainment complex — from Datong City department store located in datong.

Datong department store by the Xining City Industrial Co., Ltd. invested in the Yellow River, with a total construction area of 40 thousand square meters, the total height of 99 meters, the entire project cost $one hundred and eighty million. Shopping malls in the negative for the two floor parking lot, can accommodate more than 120 vehicles, to drive shopping friends to provide a great convenience. Negative for the Beijing Hualian Supermarket life, operating area of 4000 square meters, advanced agricultural super docking logistics and distribution system, so that people in the rich people enjoy the rich, but also can appreciate the benefits of low prices every day. One to three layers of gold jewelry, modern fast food and clothing for men and women, a superb collection of beautiful things commodity dazzling, comparable to the big city shopping environment elegant upscale shopping malls, in addition, the three layer is specially for the children to create a paradise for children, so that children have a playground in cold winter. Gome settled four, will bring more high-quality, low-cost appliances and perfect after-sales service. And in the near future, the evening life of the people will also add a new Chase – five modern 3D cinema. In addition, the mall is equipped with five vertical lift, ten escalators, shuttling between floors let customers Rulvpingdi easily enjoy shopping.

this time, and do not have to rush to the weekend to Xining run, at the door to be able to shop." Into the two floor of the women’s clothing, fashion accessories area, soft lights, gorgeous balloons, elegant ribbons will be dressed up here beaming. A fashionable young couple, a happy family of three, kind old man…… An endless stream of customers crowded the counter. Busy trying on clothes in front of the mirror, "beauty", and talk to friends, queuing for the bill, here, you can feel the festive atmosphere ahead.

"this dress is so beautiful, the price is not expensive." "That’s great. Hurry up and buy it." In a brand clothing store, two young girls talking excitedly in a moment, they were carrying two bags of clothes he walked out. I heard that Datong department store opened today, we have come to join the fun." Walking is carrying two elderly, two bags of the original, the new year is coming, the old man is here to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival.


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