Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to carry out the fight against pyramid schemes into

MLM momentum spread to the countryside, a number of villagers cheated. In response to this situation, in order to protect the fundamental interests of the people are not infringed, to prevent the transfer of pyramid schemes to rural areas. In June 16th, the city Bureau, in conjunction with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau even bargain Industrial and Commercial Bureau Huangzhong County Huangzhong County in Xinzhuang Town by holding fair trade opportunities, carry out "the fight against pyramid schemes into the rural areas" large-scale promotional activities.
in the campaign site, surrounded by masses of peasants come to go to the market, the consequences of the villagers staff with the pyramid schemes to consult forward in the form of expression, the behavior characteristics of rural patiently and carefully explain how to identify and MLM pyramid schemes, focus on exposing MLM cheated usual tricks, "the prohibition of propaganda marketing regulations" and "direct management Ordinance" and other laws and regulations, introduced in the fight against pyramid schemes work in the city’s industrial and commercial systems in recent years results to the villagers, and through the exhibition form and announced to the villagers the recent investigation of the typical case of mlm. At the same time, it also analyzes the current popular network marketing behavior, and describes some of the business practices such as "franchise", "network marketing", "e-commerce" and so on. In the campaign announced a hotline, called the villagers encountered similar publicity, do not blindly believe, should be timely to the relevant departments for consultation, to determine the illegal pyramid selling are actively reporting, to prevent others cheated.
in the campaign, a total of 2 hanging banners and propaganda plate 8, issued more than 1500 copies of promotional materials, consulting reception of more than 500 people, more than 150 people on site to answer questions. The promotional activities in various forms, illustrated through deep exposing MLM and the dangers of fraud, improve farmers’ ability to identify marketing activities, enhance their safety awareness, and actively create a strong atmosphere, away from the pyramid pyramid, the pyramid, refused to report the fight against pyramid schemes.


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