Huangyuan county Party organizations at the grass-roots level for the tangible things

in a new round of "grassroots organizations" activities, Huangyuan county Party organization at the grass-roots level, in-depth line, focus on the close relation between the party and the masses under the time, and for the tangible things and good things.

Huangyuan County organs of Party organizations at all levels regularly organize grassroots cadres and the masses to carry out into the countryside, liberating and research activities. As of now, the county authorities at all levels of cadres at the grassroots party organization leadership forum held 145 sessions, carry out the months of research of 152 passengers, more than 5000 copies of the questionnaire, and find out the masses outstanding difficulties, difficult issues such as housing 458, resolved to implement 455, the masses do practical good 521. At the same time, to speed up the construction of new countryside and increase farmers’ income and promote the protection of people’s livelihood, strengthen the building of grassroots organizations as the focus of residency helping through preferential policies, financial support and information technology support, project support. (author: Xiao Liu)


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