Medical rehabilitation home – the whole to join

medical devices to join? Has always been a sunrise industry, the most choice for the development of the market space. Business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial choice of medical devices to join the project, open their own brand stores, the shop is made!

rehabilitation home is a professional operation of domestic medical equipment and rehabilitation care products nationwide chain, is a medical device agent to join the nature of the enterprise, headquartered in Beijing, BDA core business district. Rehabilitation home since its inception in 2004, has more than and 20 provinces and autonomous regions in the country established a chain of direct sales of medical devices, with annual sales of more than 3 brilliant achievements of more than more than and 300. And formed a strategic partnership with famous brand Johnson, Germany Roche, Abbott, Bayer, OMRON Japan, America Invacare at home and abroad, with a high quality of life for China health consumer groups. Retail and wholesale company is committed to the oxygen making machine, wheelchair, nursing bed, bedsore pad, sugar meter, blood pressure, treatment and other household medical equipment, rehabilitation care products, to meet the health needs of the elderly in advance into society.

company has a medical device to join the rehabilitation of the home terminal chain, Tmall B2C mall Jingdong, Germany opened a large pharmacy, health food and other business brands. The management team by China Medical Association and the franchise senior team of experts, marketing and business management professionals together, their professional level and ability, keen market insight, positive team spirit, promote the healthy development of enterprises.

"medical technology industry" 12th Five-Year "special plan" development goals: 2015, focusing on blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipid and other physiological and biochemical indexes of non or minimally invasive detection products, the positive development of EMG and nerve control intelligent prostheses, cochlear Intelligent Assistant / hearing aids / AIDS, elderly behavior function training system the stroke patients, and motor deficits in patients in rehabilitation training system and other products, accelerate the development of advanced rehabilitation aids intelligent and low cost, increase the penetration rate of rehabilitation equipment. Medical devices to join the rehabilitation home is y consistent with the standard.

medical devices to join the project selection, has been a very good choice. Quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is no longer a dream! So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

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