A variety of business can expand the door of wealth

there are a lot of people do business ideas are too narrow, always trapped in their own side of the small world, resulting in a very limited profit earned. In fact, if you want to run a real cause of wealth, may wish to implement a variety of business, which is able to broaden the wealth of the door, so that more and more lucrative profits.

Guo is our village two years ago, arable land has been requisitioned by the state, have nothing to do all day. Farmers lost their land, and laid-off workers are the same. "The day had to do something to do business". His wife put forward his own ideas.

what business to do? Xiao Guo through investigation, a period of time to consider the home town of Luodai is located in Chengdu City, the "two circle" economic circle in Sichuan province is to create "key scenic mountain lakes" tourist area, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, the first batch of key small towns, Chengdu city key protection Town, is Chinese west the biggest single Hakka town in recent years, many small town tourism, especially Sunday, is simply tired people huge crowds of people, will sit down and drinking tea, playing cards, rest, do the restaurant business is certainly red fire.

said, Guo to raise funds to open a restaurant in town, called "the teahouse". The son of the teahouse, quiet environment, convenient parking outside, which is also very spacious, light a hall, more than and 100 square meters. There are more than and 20 rooms, convenient for those who like quiet guests tea, rest.

business at the beginning, did very well during the day, it is The house is of guests., All seats are occupied. Many people talk about business, but also like to choose here. Guo couple busy, but also invited several attendants.

after a period of time, business began to decline, especially at night, tourists have gone home, or take a rest at the hotel, family hotel now every guest room is equipped with broadband, Internet access, guests at night are generally not the hotel can be a very good entertainment and leisure. In this way, the restaurant business is more deserted.

is more angry, see Guo opened the restaurant business is good, a lot of people follow the trend, Luodai tea like a lot of out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, Xintian, although Guo has many old customers, but also can not avoid the impact of shunt guests, business has been a downward trend, if a straight like this restaurant certainly will put up the shutters. No, you have to think of new ideas.

one night, the restaurant business is very light, near some old customers about drink tea together, Guo stroll to stroll the streets, saw a large crowd gathered together, like what Naore, a closer look, the original is everyone gathered in a mobile phone shop, because the mobile phone shop outside equipped with a widescreen TV, we are together around the big screen TV to watch the game.

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