Burger King fast-food hamburger franchise fee is how much business

thought that the first western style fast food we had in our lives was the big guy’s favorite burger fries, perhaps because of the novelty, and the burger fries are very popular in china. Hamburg as one of the common western cuisine, has been very popular in the market, is a convenient choice for people to solve the problem of dining, but also the direction of choice for many businesses entrepreneurship. Burger King burger how to create innovative products to meet people’s pursuit of fashion food, is a very promising brand. How much does it cost?

Burger King burger fee introduction:

Burger King burger, specializing in the creation of specialty food, it sets the director of a hundred, innovative launch of proprietary delicious, and strict selection of raw materials and processing process, to ensure that the product of green, healthy and delicious. It is a departure from the consumer demand, innovative products taste, launched a tender chicken, chicken burger, Liu Bao Thai double pastoral crispy chicken fort and other delicious, with multiple delicacy attracted the attention of consumers.

Burger King burger franchise fee is as follows:

venture shop: 50 thousand

standard store: 80 thousand

flagship store: 100 thousand

join the following support:

(1) shop location consulting and guidance.

(2) equipment and materials ordering; franchisee must comply with the franchisor’s procurement policy, only to the franchisor designated suppliers to purchase any goods;

(3) all kinds of promotional activities to support the program, including the opening of promotional activities and various seasonal activities, etc.;

(4) personnel recruitment and training

franchisee company and the recruitment of all staff of the restaurant by the franchisee is responsible for their own, we provide an interview guidance and personnel training, to ensure that each licensed restaurant can experience

Under the management of

professionals, the director of operations, the restaurant manager and the appointment of the first vice president should be approved by both parties, the relevant personnel can only be qualified after training.

(5) operations and brand consulting and guidance.

Burger King burger hot landing Chinese market, 390 degree burn wealth big business, gold "Bao Lei, entrepreneurship best weapon grilled new technology, refuse fried 3 times the good momentum of entrepreneurship!! flavor grilled cheese, 390 degrees, 5 square meters can be locked gravy! Set up shop, 80% high returns.

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