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Bufei preferred food white, because according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, such as white lung, white beans, white fungus, yam and so on, can. In addition, there are many Qingfei Bufei foods, such as white fungus, lily, lotus root, lung, jellyfish, loquat, persimmon, chestnut, FIG. Conditions can also be appropriate to use some herbs, such as stewed teal, lily, turtle, rehmannia, Radix Astragali, Radix Codonopsis, lung pot and so on, or.

lung deficiency will not only affect the skin dull and rough, more importantly, will cause various diseases. For example, "a dream of Red Mansions" in Lin Daiyu, young frail, suffering from tuberculosis, and the whole body is closely related to the division of labor, and once the pulmonary function disorder, five heart function will be blocked, thereby failing health, until finally died, leaving endless regret. Of course, most of the women had no congenital constitution Lin Daiyu so delicate, but once the body is Qi deficiency, will revenge on you.

In fact, the word

of the lung and the large intestine also interacts, if the descending lung fire, it may also lead to colorectal conduction disorders, dyschezia, and as everyone knows, constipation will affect the body of toxins in the body, piled up, all kinds of large and small faults will ensue. Not only that, but also easily lead to lung deficiency rubella, allergies and other illnesses, if the lung heat and steam, the symptoms of acne, rosacea, psoriasis will also harass.

said Qi, the important point is to supplement qi. Because the Chinese medicine lung advocate fur, that is to say, the essence of water and grain distribution in lung and fur through it, to nourish the skin and muscle aches. We often see some female friends or complexion pale, haggard, dull, or pigmentation, young grow wrinkles, this is because the human body due to deficiency of Qi and blood, body fluid and blood can not nourish and nourish the skin caused by the charge. Qi foot, skin moist and smooth, elastic, and lung qi deficiency, then the inevitable dull skin dry and withered hair dry.

so, to keep out a smooth, moist and healthy skin, must not forget to fill qi. Especially in the seasons of the season, such as winter and spring, and autumn winter season, cold and dry weather, it is particularly vulnerable to the invasion of the lung when. At this point should be selected to fill some of the lung moistening recipes, to their lungs to wear warm warm coat".

, looking to open view, "Qi" in traditional Chinese medicine refers to the inherent vitality and the viscera and meridians, the essence in kidney, spleen and lung water Valley gas gas composition, distribution throughout the body; and "color", refers to a person’s appearance. Look, the so-called "inside, will form on the outside, internal and external gas color is linked, so Zheng Guofan in his face book" ice Kam "said:" the people of the main gas in the inner spirit, to look for." A person’s body or body, and the lack of adequate gas, from the appearance of the face in a glimpse of that knowledge; and a person’s face to a good-looking, the most fundamental is to qi.

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