What are the open clothing store sales skills

clothing industry has always been very popular in the industry, a lot of people who want to start a business also felt this good opportunity, now opened a clothing store, in fact foundation and the advantages of the market is also very good, distinctive marketing skills, but also for your career points, to win more business space and advantages. So, what are the clothing store sales skills? Improve the reliability of skills, but also your earnings and business needs to pay attention to.

service store sales, the first step should be the psychological preparation of the seller, with psychological preparation, in order to calmly deal with the next sales activities.

sales of five kinds of mood:

1, confidence: confidence is an intangible quality, not a piece of medicine can be obtained, but can be developed, is an important investment in the future.

2, love: to treat customers as relatives, friends, you want to use the service to allow customers to feel.

3, patient: in sales, customers can buy in the grasp of the premise, must be very patient, thoughtful have a tenacity.

4, perseverance: unwilling to fail, to continue to work one by one.

5, seize the customer’s heart: to grasp the customer’s psychological dynamics, what to do next, what needs.

next is a series of sales process will appear some skills.

welcome skills

only in the customers into your shop will have business to do, and customers often want to shopping in a vibrant, happy atmosphere, good to hear or see. Therefore, the guide should show a very enthusiastic about the work, the action is agile, agile, timely, busy, not to arrange the goods is to buy goods. Smile is the best service, as long as out of nature, will be able to infect the customer, the voice must be gentle, natural, powerful, clear and confident. Customers just walked into the store, do not rush to greet the shopping guide to give customers a free space, to avoid excessive enthusiasm for the customer.

basic skills of receiving customers

1, as the center of the customer: the customer on the production of Lu choice have anti grasp and principle, will not easily change them for others. Therefore, careful observation of their clothing, behavior, often he is the most concerned about the clothes he is most interested in, then the clerk should take the initiative to find a suitable size for him to try.

2, uncertain customers: this customer selection is often recommended

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