8 yuan a good of all fast food jar

this is what kind of era, when the grandfather generation parents can be a piece of money as a month of meals, and now only ten dollars to a restaurant to eat fast food. Of course, sometimes more than, and now people’s consumption concept is ten dollars to meet their own needs is a very small. Do you know the eight dollars you can eat a snack jar?

jugged boiling crock nutrition fast food with its new catering creative ideas, local characteristics, recover the original simplicity of "ecological + crock + delicacy", into the nationalization of Chinese style fast food, all its utensils, cookware and tableware with folk character pottery jar, exclusive products, environmental health, the maximum guarantee unique characteristics of food and beverage the flavor, soil tunnel, soil is soil peculiar! In today’s food consumption market, show ingenuity, become an independent school leading the trend of consumption, consumption, heighten the atmosphere, consumers become the most favorite and most sought after catering brand.

jugged boiling crock snack to fast-food consumption as the mainstream business, to cook, steamed, crock pots and dishes, pots, crock simmer soup jar, jar pickled cabbage as the theme of jugged boiling fast food restaurants, magical and mysterious jar culture, let you relive the most simple taste memory new feeling! The same, not the same as the management idea, not the same delicious, you do not bring the same delicacy plot. Crock incense boiling authentic, authentic flavor characteristics, has become a mainstream consumer food market, consumers become the preferred delicacy.

Where is the snack

8 yuan crock? 8 yuan crock fast food product positioning is very low, is the public consumption level, have a broad market opportunities! Only 8 yuan will be able to eat a delicious crock fast food, everyone can not miss the opportunity, but 8 yuan of fast food where there is crock? According to the survey. Crock of fast food in Jilin, Liaoning, Hohhot, Baoding, Yantai, Weifang, Tai’an, Heze, Qufu, Linyi and other places to set up more than 1 thousand chain stores, can eat 8 yuan crock fast food in these places oh……

Where is the snack

8 yuan crock? All over the country crock fast-food chain can have 8 yuan crock fast food, is based on a variety of flavors package choose collocation, rich in nutrition, cheap sales, as long as 8 yuan. 8 yuan crock fast food delicious and affordable, adults eat meal nutrition, children eat healthy body, the elderly eat longevity, this is mainly due to its built-in package material is added in the ten kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, health, utility chic.

it is reported that many franchisees to success, but there are 15% crock fast food franchisee has opened second stores, and for consumers, 8 yuan 8 yuan where there is food jar jar? Fast food is a new concept of catering, food, money, let the country was quite hot pin.

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