Shop operators need to accumulate feelings – some of the whole and customer

a lot of customers have their own consumer shops, and the owner in dealing with customers, naturally with the customer has formed a very deep feelings. Long term development, these customers will be of great help to the store business. At noon, the customer Mike came to my shop, standing in front of the counter, silly smile, I also silly smile and asked him: is to send money to me? Xiao Li took out 6 dollars handed me. Then he handed me 3 dollars and said, "give me a bottle of wine".

when I handed the wine to Xiao Li, I asked him: who bought a small wine last night? Did not buy ah, after leaving your store yesterday, just the unit has a thing, I went to the unit, the wine did not drink"." You don’t have to thank me yesterday no credit to give you 2 bottles of wine, so you not save 6 dollars. "I smiled to Xiao Li said.

customer Li has a habit, will I come here to buy two bottles of wine every day 100g, at noon yesterday in my shop with two bottles of wine 3 yuan a bottle of wine, did not take the money, and told me that the money will be 6 yuan will be sent to work at night. I believe him, not even account.

in the evening, he really came to my shop, I thought he was back to it, did not think that he is not to pay back the money, but to credit again 2 bottles of wine, I was a little angry, noon say things at night to pay, before the account did not clear after the account, again? Moreover, 3 yuan a bottle of wine, only a few cents profit, and I don’t know Xiao Li’s family lives there, just listen to his own home, in our shop nearby, to buy wine, often in the course of time, we are familiar with.

could not but say their bad faith, therefore I will not agree to extend credit to small wine to him, in fact, that is so say, Li also really said: "I will take the money home now is you". But after the walk will not turn back. I was still wondering: "it must be because I asked him to pay someone angry to buy wine".

now Xiao Li said to me: "boss, last night you did not really appreciate wine owed to me, when I got home, the unit colleagues call, said there was a patient needs immediately drove to their home, Xiao Li is working in the hospital, so long as there is need the incumbent will immediately go to the hospital. After all, back home, tired and fell asleep directly.

that’s the strength to run to buy wine, fortunately, did not give me wine, or else I really want to return home to drink 22 small wine. "Don’t worry, Madame, I in your store consumption habits, let me buy something to another store, I really was a little uncomfortable, in order to give Li eat reassurance, I said:" in the future, as long as the dealer of a gift to me.

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