Xinjiang inspection and quarantine network national customs clearance time greatly shortened

policy is to better construction, now the Xinjiang inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine and the implementation of "Networking", greatly saves the area of Xinjiang inspection and quarantine clearance time, speed up the efficiency of the relevant departments, for the people, save time for the development of enterprises.

today, I checked the 12 batch of 216 tons of tomato paste export business, the whole process is completed in the past 10 minutes, more than ten days to spend too much time!" 11 afternoon, the inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Xinjiang inspection window, came to deal with the business of the quality of the quality management of the Department of Limited by Share Ltd, said Li Guihong.

let Li Guihong benefit is China’s electronic inspection and quarantine trunk system, referred to as e-CIQ trunk system. September 5, 2016, e-CIQ trunk system in Xinjiang 20 inspection and quarantine agencies formally launched. This marks the Xinjiang and the national inspection and quarantine system networking, formally incorporated into the national customs integration system, into the Internet + quality inspection in the new era.

Xinjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Customs Commissioner Yi Jian in Xinjiang 11 days of electronic inspection and quarantine system main news conference that the successful operation of e-CIQ backbone system, break through the inspection and quarantine area limit, realize the integration of the national inspection and quarantine. It will be two times the original into a quarantine inspection, enterprises need only one declaration, you can apply for inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine agencies of any business in the country, customs clearance of import and export goods decreased by 2/3 compared with the previous. Exemption from the enterprise from the port to the origin of the inspection, replacement trouble, reducing the logistics, warehousing, labor and other costs, more convenient inspection and quarantine process.

Li Guihong said that the previous enterprises need inspection office in Xinjiang for voucher, then go to Tianjin in Tianjin to change the certificate, customs clearance, but now the implementation of "one, in the end, the Xinjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau to handle customs clearance formalities directly. "When we were asked to deliver the goods, we needed a lot of time to prepare, which greatly reduced the time of delivery." Li Guihong said.

as of November 8th, Xinjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the e-CIQ backbone system received 11 thousand and 800 batches of all kinds of inspection.

Xinjiang inspection and quarantine network, which is a policy change, but also an improvement of social development. It is precisely because there is such a good new policy introduced, the development of the society will be more and more rapid, people’s lives will be more and more beautiful!

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