What kind of food and beverage ordering

since the operation of food and beverage stores, naturally inevitable and La La la. Moreover, the order of how to carry out the work, will also be able to directly affect the development of a restaurant business. So, what kind of food and beverage order? A restaurant to business better, how to carry out a la carte work?

a kind of ordering

kind of dishes with intuitive advantages, especially suitable for Cooking Seafood, living things in the restaurant. The use of such a meal in the coastal areas of the southeast. In order to store enough space, placed in kind of dishes, and the fresh degree on the food requirements are very high, generally not suitable for vegetable dishes.

real order if you want to achieve better results, but also need to put some necessary Levin products introduced beside the object, doing some kind of meal good restaurants will make food mold specialized, let customers have the intuitive feeling of cooking good food.

two, meal ordering, platter service

in some Hot pot shop, because the single point of dishes more, neither convenient nor convenient customer order, kitchen dishes, so the package came into being. The package is usually meat collocation, quantity is more appropriate, more customers to avoid wasting or not enough to eat and food trouble.

in addition, the hot pot shop from the customer’s point of view can also be a la carte dishes, dishes are usually the same series of dishes, such as vegetable platter, mushroom platter, meat platter, etc.. Platter is also the majority of customers like, you can meet the needs of customers on the diversification of dishes, but not a large amount of waste.

this package of services in other food and beverage shops also have a certain use, such as wedding menus are usually designed in accordance with different price, grade package.

three, electronic order

in a number of large restaurants and catering enterprises, the use of a la carte mode for electronic order. Electronic dot menu is not a single form, the current common dishes and tablets in two ways.

ordering treasure is a kind of intelligent ordering machine with wireless transmission function. The server does not need to carry on the work of the handwriting point menu, using the keyboard, according to the customer registration, the direct transfer number. Enter the number of dishes, sent directly to the background for printing, easy to collect silver and statistical work.

tablet ordering method does not require a separate menu, the operation can be directly on the computer can browse the dishes, to complete the order, which is more convenient than the merits of la carte po.

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