A hundred years old Roasted Chicken join details

said the chicken must have a lot of people have been unable to hide greeds it, yes Chinese can be a chicken to make many different dishes, the taste is different, but each has its own characteristics. Today we will talk about Roasted Chicken.

Roasted Chicken is the traditional Chinese cuisine. The coated Caramel chicken fried, then spiced brine and cook. Rich flavor, taste delicious, loved by many chowhound. Choose to join Roasted Chicken is also a very good choice for parents who want to start, then 100 Roasted Chicken join


How about a hundred years old Roasted Chicken

investment? What is a hundred years old Roasted Chicken join advantage? What are the support?

100 Roasted Chicken, diversified business enterprise advantage and experience, a significant advantage, the franchisee future agent characteristics can also be better to show up, a lot of profit. Over the years, always follow the "innovation, development of food, taste and health" enterprise spirit, adhering to the "100 Roasted Chicken project focus, focus, professional business philosophy, constantly pursuit of brand innovation and breakthrough. Now a number of bustling city has a number of chain stores, cooperative stores, business is very hot.

100 Roasted Chicken, small food stores, there are many characteristics, has become the focus of attention, improve the market prospects. The first gold hundred Roasted Chicken so many people earn in life, mainly to everyone’s favorite snacks taste exquisite, and the unique cultural appeal, also opened a shop, small investment, quick return, high profit, simple operation, high customer retention rates, unique recipe to imitate another set of many advantages in one, the store opened on the hot, opened on the profitability of


100 Roasted Chicken franchise has the following advantages:

1, comprehensive training, enhance the ability: headquarters for investors to provide pre store manager training chef training, management training, promotion training, improve the overall quality of staff. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the market and changes in consumer characteristics, the headquarters will provide a continuous stream of other continuous training for the brand shop, greatly improving the ability of the brand store operators to control the market.

2 help, location, decoration scheme: expert team headquarters 24 hours a day, the reception line stores and headquarters and a consultation, do due diligence, experienced marketing team, can come to assist investment planning for each store, investors tailored to the most appropriate decoration, so as to shorten the running time for investors

quick start, easy profit!

3, marketing planning, precise positioning: the headquarters of the planning team for the cooperation of the brand shop to provide accurate marketing programs, and organize the implementation of. A variety of holiday promotion programs to enhance the brand image program, customer tracking maintenance programs, membership management system >

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